• Welcome to the Bucks and Montgomery County Schools Health Care Consortium

  • The Consortium currently covers 6,200 employees & over 16,000 total members.

Healthcare Bluebook Information

The Consortium is focused on educating members on the most effective means to obtain medical services.  In support of this, the Consortium added Healthcare Bluebook to the list of services available to members.  Healthcare Bluebook provides facility cost transparency information on selected services.  The cost for the same service can vary widely across facilities.

Through the Healthcare Bluebook program members can earn incentives ranging from $25 to $100 by utilizing lower-cost, high quality facilities.  Click on this link for the Rewards Flyer with details on the services and the corresponding incentive payments.

Members can research the costs of these services at https://www.healthcarebluebook.com/cc/bmshc

Download the Healthcare Bluebook Flyer