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Headspace for Educators

Provide every person access to lifelong mental health support.

It’s meditation made simple:
your personal guide to mindfulness and a restful night’s sleep.

Whether you’re feeling inspired to connect more with your students or you’re looking for a new way to bring calm to your classroom, Headspace can help students build healthy habits that last a lifetime. Better focus, less stress, and happier thoughts are just a few minutes away.

Headspace makes mental health support accessible to everyone, no matter their background or experience. Through the flagship Headspace app, Headspace provides mindfulness tools for everyday life, including meditations, sleepcasts, mindful movement and focus exercises.

WATCH: Mindfullness in the Classroom



Headspace has helped me talk to my students about the importance of focus and the value of staying calm, and is encouraging me to schedule in some time for myself each day.

Educator from California

How to enroll:

Step 1:
  • Visit
  • Select the state/country that your school district is located in: “SELECT SCHOOL LOCATION”
  • For US educators: some bigger states are categorized by school districts in alphabetical order, so select the option based on the first letter of your school district. (e.g. Blue Sky District in “California A-E”)
Step 2:
  • New to Headspace: please sign up for a new account
  • Existing Headspace account: navigate to “ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT? LOG IN” to enter your existing Headspace credentials.
  • After signing up or logging in, verify by entering your school email address ([email protected])
  • You will then receive a confirmation email as a final setup