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Health Insurance Coverage Options

The BMCS Health Care Consortium offers four medical plans through Aetna and prescription drug coverage through Capital Rx. Educational entities that join must migrate to preferred medical plans within 120 days.

For health insurance, members may select from three Open Choice plans that offer immediate access to a wide variety of medical providers and hospitals. The fourth option offers a Point of Service (POS) plan for similar services with a medical referral.

Members have 24/7 assistance with finding providers, getting second opinions, and understanding invoices.

Additional Wellness Benefits

The BMCS Health Care Consortium continues to find new and innovative ways to offer benefits, like Teladoc and Informed Rewards, while reducing overall costs. Explore wellness initiatives and preventative care options to improve your health and potentially reduce claims.

We continue to look for additional ways to expand services, reduce costs, and enroll more organizations.

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